Art & Cacao – Find, Follow & Free your inner child


Join a circle in a space where judgements are a distant memory. A place where you can just be you.  Safe, free – true…. 

Lie down and let artist Philip Surry take you on a magical, deep inward journey.  You have the option to join in ceremony and allow the sacred plant of cacao to open your heart space, guiding you inward to the inner creative self. 

Cut the chord to adult responsibilities, chores, phones, kids, jobs, bank accounts, separation and come back home.  A place that is safe, playful and filled with joy.

Let colours flow, shapes dance, and your imagination manifest with bliss

In this 4hr deep dive you will have the opportunity to:

Be held in a confidential, non judgemental space where you can share and be heard.  Be there to listen to others and hear one another and honour that. 

Deep impactful breath and space work to align you with the journey 

Drink ceremonial grade cacao and honour the magic the plant brings to the heart

leave all interruptions, judgments, and the doubting voice that holds so many of us back. 

Step into your true creator, the one every single one of us were born with. 

Come And Play !

Lie down and be guided in meditation – accompanied by a specifically designed soundtrack that will take you deep into space. 

Philip will guide you to your inner child, connecting with the energy of joy.  We centre this in the body and recognise its playful nature, it becomes anchored it so it remains with you long long after you leave the room

With that Inner child held, as you emerge, you will have total freedom to create, to paint, to draw, to be fluid. Write, dance, breathe and set aside the adult conditioned mind. With the power of cacao the heart opens – the spirit within can express with freedom

Are you ready?

What you create you will take with you

Always so that whenever you see it, hold it, be within its energy you will automatically be taken to a place of pure Crystal joy. A total bliss.  A knowing that for that time you were you – the very essence of human spirit in its most joyful safe place

Sign up for an opportunity like no other – this work is my deepest passion and it is a true honour to share it with you here in Guernsey. 

With love

Phil x

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