Cosmic Love


Timeless sway in cosmic dust
Energies, bright orange, cobalt blues
The moonscapes soaring over us
That last chime, as the old clock stops
I’m holding tighter, falling, yet I’m flying
Oh warm love,
I still feel the cold goosebumps
Electricity, attraction, charges
Drawing us together like magnets
These white horses are galloping
Raging rivers – the heart is so open
The decimation of the defences

Lives once divided
Now drawn together we are united
Wild hair and raindrop kissed skin
The wolves n’ witches stop and freeze
These two flames drawn in
Extinguish reality
Just one gentle touch, shivers with ecstasy
Gentle sway…..
A silver ship sailing into white smoke
The imprinted whisper still in my mind
An odyssey spanning a lifetime
As I sit and watch the sunrise
Touches my soul
I see her silhouette at dusk
My friends always remember
The greatest power
Is love x
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Original Acrylic – 100cm x 76cm
On high quality linen canvas, sold as framed or unframed

Limited Edition – 100cm x 76cm
On high quality linen canvas – with hand signed certificate of authenticity, sold as framed or unframed

Type of Art

Limited Edition Canvas, Original Acrylic


Framed, Unframed


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